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Remote working: 5 tips to keep your team productive and motivated

Sommer Walsh
Leadership, paraplanning, Revolution Business & Efficiency Coaching, time management, TNT

With much uncertainty around the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation and new working requirements brought on by this, many businesses are moving into remote working to ensure everyone is kept safe and healthy. At TNT, we are well experienced at operating at a remote level, so thought we would share with you a few tips that can help keep your team productive and motivated.

Increased Management. A certain level of micro-management is a good idea for the first few weeks to ensure all team members are across the new way of doing things and that there are no breakdowns in communication. We suggest either doing a daily link-up (ideally via video) each morning and/or an end of day ‘WIP’ – to review the ‘work in progress’ for each member and where it’s up to. The WIP is especially important if the team member only works part time so that there is a record of what was completed and work in progress.

Embrace Technology. There are so many tools available to use for remote work, so take advantage of these! Our personal favourites are Zoom, WhatsApp, Genius Scan and Worksorted FUSE. We also make sure that we add our work appointments into shared calendars to ensure people know when we are available. Take full advantage of the technology that your employer provides you with and also offer suggestions you believe would be useful. And don’t think of it purely for work purposes only, use it for social interactions with your team also – think virtual coffee break!

Wellbeing. This is so important as it can be easy to overwork when you are working from home, so stick to the work hours you set. We put a lot of importance on making time for regular breaks, as well as keeping healthy. It is also important to set a work zone in your home so you feel as though you are properly set up and mentally ‘in the zone’! Be mindful too that working from home may be challenging for some, so remember to check in with your team and make the effort to stay connected with one another to maintain the unity you felt within the workplace. It’s important we all play our part in looking out for everyone’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing 😊

Engagement. We also encourage staying connected through a group chat (e.g. WhatsApp) to add more light-hearted aspects to team interaction, as well as for office chat purposes. This is important so that the team still feels connected and will help to keep spirits and motivation high. This also allows the team to feel involved and gives them a platform to participate. If you are the employer, we suggest sending in photos of your workspace to give them tips and ideas.

Ask Questions. It is so important to feel comfortable in this new workspace so make sure that you communicate how you feel. This is particularly important in the beginning so that changes can be made to make it more comfortable as remember: processes in the workplace may no longer work when working from home. Getting through these bumps at the start allow it to run smoother more quickly and will make you feel productive despite the changes.

Working from home can definitely be a big change for everyone but there are many perks that come with it. By placing these tips into practice you will find it will become more comfortable and enjoyable despite the changes.

We understand how this shift may affect you, so if you would like to get more tips or ideas from us personally, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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