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Mastering Time Management

Sommer Walsh
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Research suggests that in an eight hour day, the average worker is only productive for two hours and fifty three minutes. So, we’re only productive for about three hours a day. Huh? By all means we are definitely committed, hard working with the best of intentions, and we’re definitely not lazy (well, not most of the time). So why?

Lack of productivity is primarily due to the many factors that interrupt ‘our’ day, and we often make the excuse that these interruptions are out of our control. But are they?

We know you can do ANYTHING but can you do EVERYTHING? – Follow these 5 tips to mastering time management:

1. Declutter and break bad habits – Organise your desk, your inbox, your task list, your life! Get organized and stay organized! Bad habits interrupt our lives and prevent us from accomplishing our goals. By breaking bad habits, whether mental, physical or both, we can turn them into good habits resulting in increased time, energy and a positive mindset.

2. Plan and prioritise – Plan out your work day and stick to the tasks you ‘need’ to get done. These are the tasks that are due, are income generating, aligned to your KPI’s and are positive for your health and wellbeing. These tasks should be prioritized at the top of your list, then following will be the tasks you ‘want’ or ‘would like’ to get done.

3. Value your time and skills – Assess the tasks that are consuming your time on a regular basis that don’t ‘need’ to be done by you. TNT’s approach to these more tedious tasks is to Automate or Delegate!  Can the task be automated via existing or new processes or software?  If not, is there some-one within your team, or an outsource provider that can complete this task for you?  It’s vital you value your time each day and ensure you spend it on the most skilled tasks.

4. Eliminate disruptions – Review your environment and the habits of others around you. You can take control of managing your focus time to ensure you achieve your goals. You could set specific times of the day to manage your email inbox and view social media. Consider working from home at times, or in another location to complete certain tasks, and remember – it is ok to Say NO – say it now – NO (Politely with reason)!

5. Finish the task – that’s right, stay committed and finish the task no matter what! Remember to tick it off and smile, reward yourself on your achievement, no matter how big or small. TICK 🙂

Written by Rebecca Deviesseux 2018

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