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Introducing TNT.

With their dynamic approach, unparalleled professionalism & unwavering commitment to each of their clients, Founders Tamara Morey and Tanya Higgins have nurtured TNT Advisor Solutions from inception through to the thriving business it is today.

Their focus remains the same as it was at the start; to help practices achieve targets & goals that they never thought imaginable through their unique, systemised approach that is trustworthy & dedicated.

Speak to them today to discover how TNT can help you.


“Our mission is to help practices reach beyond their targets & goals through a systemised approach that is trustworthy, reliable & dedicated.”

Our Story

Tanya Higgins and Tamara Morey are a dynamic duo with over 30 years of combined experience in finance. After meeting in 2010, they soon realised there was an opportunity for them to make a huge impact on the financial advice support scene. Here’s how it all unfolded…

In 2010, Tanya Higgins was hired to manage a financial services practice that was not operating at its peak due to systems and processes that were disorganised and out-dated.

She took on this exciting challenge with a clear vision for the future of the practice, and began implementing changes immediately. It was evident from the start that Tanya’s vision and drive was shared by her colleague Tamara Morey who was also an experienced financial planner managing the paraplanning within the practice. Together they paved the path for change within the practice and began to reap the rewards.

Four years later, Tanya and Tamara had proven that their dynamic approach, professionalism & ability to implement new strategies was a success, and they decided to establish their own outsourced financial planning support company.

TNT was born.

Within 18 months TNT had grown to become a leading external paraplanning provider for practices due to their in-depth knowledge of compliance requirements and strong relationships with product and advice managers. With such intimate knowledge of financial advice systems, TNT have streamlined their processes both with SoA production and in-practice systems, to provide maximum efficiency while ensuring practices remain compliant.

Today, Tanya and Tamara continue to share the same vision; to grow and partner with more financial planning practices and to provide them with a complete back office solution that enables them to spend more time in front of clients.

To find out more about how our services could transform your practice, contact us today.

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