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5 tips to a brilliant paraplanning experience

Sommer Walsh
AMP, AMP Paraplanning, paraplanning, TNT

For planners and practices, productivity is key to success; less time spent writing SOA documents and more time spent with clients and prospects is the best way to grow your business.

Outsourcing your paraplanning needs is a great way to free up your time so you can focus on managing your clients without having the expense and obligations of employing permanent paraplanners. TNT Paraplanning is an extension of your existing team.

Follow these 5 tips to achieve a brilliant paraplanning experience with TNT:

1. Check your fact find is complete and all necessary research is complete after your exceptionally successful client meeting to proceed with advice – (unless you’re outsourcing that to TNT too! Wow, we’re impressed.

2. Provide all client information accurately to the TNT team to prepare your client’s Statement of Advice (SOA) – including, where relevant:

    • Plan Request, including BID working papers
    • Fact Find and scoping guidance
    • Insurance quotes and Insurance needs analysis. Note: an INA is now needed for ALL insurance advice, even if it’s client directed (no excuses! Our team are highly skilled at extracting this information….)
    • Existing super / investment platform investments, contributions and fees (we have GREAT fund data collection templates which we are very happy to share! Just don’t ask us to share our cake / chocolate / wine…..)
    • Product fee comparisons for any product switching strategies that are based on a comparative investment mix in the existing platforms.

3. Add COIN software visibility to TNT team if you use it in-house.

4. Next, you’ll hear back from TNT confirming your plan price and plan due date.(If it’s not yet in the diary, book your client meeting in pronto!!)

5. Head home and put your feet up. If you have submitted all the correct client data to TNT, your professional and AMP compliant plan will be in your inbox in 5 business days 😊

Get in touch with TNT’s Advice Manager hub@tntadvisorsolutions.com.au if you have any feedback about our Paraplanning service or if you wish to find out more about our services – we’re always happy to chat.

Written by Rebecca Deviesseux 2018

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