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5 things you should GIVE UP to be successful?

Sommer Walsh
AMP Paraplanning, Leadership, paraplanning, Revolution Business & Efficiency Coaching

One in one out. We all work hard to improve ourselves, learn more, juggle family and catch up, and we keep adding more and more to our plate and then we wonder why we are drained, exhausted and working ourselves to the bone with little reward or ‘real’ enjoyment in these moments.

How often do you feel or hear yourself say “but I am working so hard” and in the changing conditions the level of stress and challenges for us all is only getting more complex.

Perhaps ….. it’s time we gave things up?  

Here are TNT’s 5 tips on what to give up if you want to be successful.

1. Give up the unhealthy lifestyle. A healthy body is a healthy mind, leading to a healthy mindset for the way you live your life.

      1. Quality sleep
      2. Healthy diet
      3. Physical activity

2. Give up your excuses. Take responsibility for your own goals and the hurdles that will be faced to achieve these. Own your life as no one else will.

3. Give up your need to control everything. If you find yourself wasting time worrying about things you can’t control, please take the time to determine what you can control and only invest your time on these elements. Focus on your influence and identify what your fears are when it comes to trusting others in your network to handle and manage something on your behalf. Once you are aware of these fears and mindfully learn to handle them you should feel some weight lifting off your shoulders.

4. Give up saying YES to everything that don’t support your goals. Saying no is vital to both your personal success and the success of your career – but that doesn’t make it any easier to do. We all want to be viewed as a yes person – a team player – the knowledgeable go to. Trouble is agreeing to work on too many tasks leaves you stretched and stressed.  When saying no consider your communication approach by listening to the issue/matter, assess the situation and perhaps offer an alternate solution or lifeline instead of you saying YES and taking on the matter.

5. Give up a fixed mindset. What you are today is not who you have to be tomorrow. Successful people invest time in themselves developing their mindset by learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge, meeting different types of people to change and offer different perspectives so that it can benefit their lives. More often than not, people with a fixed mindset (let’s call them stubborn in views) often believe that their talent alone will lead to success without hard work but everyone needs to work hard to achieve greatness.

Written by Rebecca Deviesseux 2018

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