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3 key trends we will see in 2019

Sommer Walsh
AMP, FUSE CRM, HILLROSS, paraplanning, TNT

Australia is in for some big changes this year, and these changes will affect all sectors.

A recent article by Mark McCrindle noted some of the key social and demographic trends that we will see this year. Seismic shifts in Australia’s demographics will mean that Generations Y and beyond (Australians born since 1980) will become the largest proportion of the population.

Here are our key take-aways:

– Simplicity as a service! After a decade of digital disruption and increasing velocity of change, 2019 will mark a year of Australians seeking simplicity. In a world of screen saturation, 24/7 expectations and always-on technologies, the year ahead will see Australians not so much turn technology off, but to turn on apps and solutions to make their life function more efficiently. People are increasingly happy to spend money to gain time. Consumers will pay a premium for simplicity and seek ways to reduce the chaos and re-balance life.

– Rise of the lifestyle cities. One in three Australians live outside of the capitals, most of them living in regional cities which are Australia’s lifestyle cities offering the benefits of the capitals without the congestion, infrastructure bottlenecks and affordability challenges.

– The power of trust. The last few years have seen Royal Commissions and other inquiries refocus and recalibrate Australians’ trust. Few sectors have been immune, from religious and political entities to corporations in the financial sector, to aged care providers to social media and tech companies, trust has been eroded. The year ahead will see consumers value trust, whether it be in a brand, person or entity above price, promise or experience. Those who can gain and keep trust, through transparency, and values-based offerings will thrive in the trust-as-premium environment.

Staying ahead of change is critical to a successful business in this age. So our message is this:

Keep it simple. Your clients will thank you for it and simplifying their finances will help them to find some peace in this busy world.

Offer flexible working arrangements. TNT has been built on a completely remote working (on-shore) team. This means we’re able to attract the best talent around the country and KEEP them.

And above all, focus on building trust with your clients and network. This will create loyalty in your client base and get your business through the uncertain times.

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